LifeArc and the Milner Therapeutics Institute Will Use AI to Find New Drug Targets

LifeArc and the Milner Therapeutics Institute have partnered up to use AI to find and test drug targets for cancer and respiratory diseases.

LifeArc, a medical research charity in the UK, and the Milner Therapeutics Institute at Cambridge University have joined forces to identify and validate new drug targets in immuno-oncology and respiratory diseases. The project will develop artificial intelligence (AI) technology to predict the efficacy of new and existing drugs in specific patient populations.

Justin Bryans, Executive Director of Drug Discovery at LifeArc highlighted how AI could help drug discovery: “Drug discovery is a long and risky process… Our collaboration [is] a powerful way to unlock new approaches to help patients. We are excited to apply the knowledge in this field to help expedite the delivery of new treatments to patients.”

Combining the drug discovery skills of LifeArc with the AI and bioinformatics approaches of the Milner Therapeutics Institute will boost the identification of new therapeutic targets and improve the design of experiments to test them. These two are not the first to make use of this technology for drug discovery, with Oxford-based biotech e-Therapeutics recruiting AI experts Intellegens and Biorelate to reduce the time and money it takes to develop new drugs.

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