Galderma steps into the Nutraceutical Market

Galderma entered the functional food market thanks to its acquisition of certain assets of Innéov Group. The company, a global leader committed to dermatology and skin health, is fully-owned by Nestlé Skin Health.

On April 24th Nestlé Skin Health announced that Galderma, its company focused on medical solutions, has come to an agreement under which it will acquire certain assets of Innéov Group. Relevant Innéov products are marketed under the brand names Nutri-Care D, Duocap, Densilogy, Densilogy Men, Fermete, Fermete Aox, Firmness, Pre-Hyaluron 465, Solar and Sun Sensitivity.

As Stuart Raetzman, Chief Executive Officer of Galderma, stated, many of the of the Innéov brands are complementary to Gelderma’s existing portfolio. The operation, thus, was a logical step forward.

Janusz Czernielewski

Janusz Czernielewski

Partnering with healthcare professionals to meet the needs of dermatology patients is Galderma’s unique focus. Backed by science and clinical evidence and recommended by healthcare professionals, the nutraceutical products can play an important role in the health of skin, hair and nails throughout the course of people’s lives.” added Janusz Czernielewski, Chief Medical Officer of Galderma.

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