Injaz, the world’s first cloned camel, is pregnant

At a first glance, the animal in the picture looks like any other camel. Injaz, whose name means “achievement” in Arabic, was cloned from the ovarian cells of a slaughtered camel, and born via a surrogate mother. She is, more precisely, the world’s first cloned camel.

Few days after her birth in 2009, scientists claimed such fact as a significant advance that would help preserving genetics of camel population, both elite racing camels and those that produce milk. Injaz celebrated her sixth birthday on last Wednesday. Apart from the fact that the animal is perfectly healthy, the scientists who created it announced that Injaz is pregnant with it first offspring.

According to Dr. Nisar Wani, scientific director at the Reproductive Biotechnology Center in Nad Al Sheba in Dubai, “Injaz is now pregnant and we expect to have a calf from her late this year. She has conceived in a natural way. This will prove clone camels are fertile and can reproduce the same as naturally produced camels”.

Currently, there are no signs that Injaz might be struggling with her pregnancy. Contrarily, both the cloned camel and her unborn calf appear so far to be in perfect health conditions. Specialists monitoring them promise to keep readers informed on pregnancy progress.

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