Is Adocia & Eli Lilly’s treatment the new diabetes blockbuster?

Adocia and Eli Lilly completed an impressive Phase Ib clinical trial evaluating BioChaperone Lispro, a treatment designed to accelerate insulin absorption. The study aimed to compare BioChaperone Lispro to Lilly’s Humalog in type 1 diabetes patients, the former being much more effective.

Humalog, Lilly’s blockbuster, is about to be ousted by Adocia’s insulin absorption accelerator. BioChaperone Lispro was developed by Adocia, but was acquired by the American company at the end of last year. And it was the right decision, regarding the last data released.

In the small phase Ib clinical trial, 38 people with type 1 diabetes received a 0.2 U/kg dose of either BioChaperone Lispro or Humalog just before eating a standardized meal. The results were remarkable: BioChaperone Lispro was associated with a 61% reduction in glucose excursion over the first two hours, compared to Lilly’s treatment.

Adocia has confirmed what was already suspected from the data generated in the phase IIa performed in 2014. The outcomes from last year’s clinical trial made Lilly bombard Adocia with the substantial amount of €464M.

These results benefit both companies enormously. Humalog’s patent expired in 2013 already and Eli Lilly is afraid of losing this market to biosimilars. Adocia, on the other side, has seen its stock jump after the announcement of the trial’s data, which will certainly encourage US investors once the company launches its IPO on NASDAQ later this year.

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