Life Sciences VC gets €204M in its Biggest Fundraiser Ever

MVM Capital has raised its fourth and largest funding round. It now has an additional €204M to invest in healthcare in the US and Europe.

mvm_capital_vc_healthcare_biotechWith offices in Boston and London, MVM Capital is an important VC in the healthcare sector – from biotechnology to medical devices.

Its biggest success story is perhaps Heptares, a UK Biotech researching applications of  G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) that was acquired by Sosei (Japan) – and went on to make billion euro deals with Pfizer and Allergan.


MVM has now closed its fourth healthcare fund (MVM IV), raising a total of €204M ($233M). This is a record for MVM, which has so far raised over €600M in its four funds.


Some of exits (IPOs or acquisition) of MVM’s portfolio that are based in Europe. (Source: MVM Capital)

MVM intends to spend their new funds mainly in a medical companies from the US and Europe.

It will consider all stages of development, as well as a range of sectors – from new therapeutics to medical devices and healthcare bioinformatics. The estimated investment per company will be from around €13M ($15M) to €26M ($30M).


MVM’s portfolio companies based in Europe. (Source: MVM Capital)

A fair share of the current MVM’s portfolio is based in Europe, with companies like Wilson Therapeutics (Sweden), which is tackling a rare genetic disorder, as well as UK Biotechs Pulmagen Therapeutics and Xention.

These good results are in line with other record fundraisings, such as the €416M cancer fund by UBS and €180M by Forbion, and the overall health of VC financing in Biotech.

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