Behind the Scenes of Biovision 2015: “Global and Personalized Health: How to ensure a worldwide benefit?”

Over 1500 people from all stretches of the globe gathered on April 17th for the Biovison Forum. The Biovision forum is now in it’s 10th edition. It was with great pleasure that I participated to the event.


My first impression was that it was a huge event with key stakeholders and experts of life science. It’s a fantastic opportunity for all of us to share our network and our knowledge.


To open the Session, the Biovision Catalyser (projects & early stage startup) and Investor (start up in investment phase) round took place. The goal is to select startups with high potential for a pitch contest. The best startups (25 selected by Catalyser, and 25 by Investor) of this third edition are competing for the final pitch contest.  The nominees are Pharmaceutical companies (Advicenne…), Biotech firms (Alize Pharma, Calypso Biotech…) or Medtech enterprises…

The 2015 Investor Conference Pitches Candidates will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

• Societal benefits
• Market attractiveness
• Business proposition Innovation level,
• Competitive position,
• Attractiveness for Investment,
• Overall quality of the application.

During the rest of the day, everybody was in the flow, attending all sorts of meetings and conferences covering several topics such as advanced therapies for better health, global health etc…

For the first plenary session, European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises and Vital Transformation collaborated on a report highlighting the major breakthroughs in fields such as gene therapy, stem cell therapy, and tissue engineering.
For the second plenary session, experts shared their insights on how this promise for a better future can come true, and what are the steps that need to be taken for a genuine transformation, perhaps even a revolution, in the world of health, for the benefit of all people to achieve personalized medicine. Key stakeholders of pharmaceuticals companies, like Olivier Charmeil (CEO of Sanofi Pasteur), or Adrian Thomas (Vice president of Janssen) were both present, whilst the presentation of different companies went on at the same time during the Investor conference. I then headed to the first networking evening, for some interviews, that you will soon be able to read about 😉

Thursday started off in the same manner as the previous day, namely with conferences and the Investor Conference). A public plenary session on “Global and Personalized Health: How to Ensure Worldwide Benefit?” took place. During this conference – entirely presented in French – free and open to everyone, experts from Biovision debated on the possible future developments in global health and innovation in personalized medicine, the overarching theme of this year’s edition.


Last, but not least, the closing session and award ceremony, which both closed this Biovision’s edition.
The winners saw themselves distributed an award, and the lucky nominees were:

Diabeloop: Winners of Biovision Catalyzer award, presented by Michel Goldman
Novadiscovery: Special mention prizes from Biovision Catalyzer award
Alize Pharma : First Investor award presented by Florent Gros
Fineheart : Second Investor award for medtech
Kallistem : Special judges award for Investor Conference
Valneva : PME Finance award “Growth Champion 2014 Biotech”
Supersonic Imagine : PME Finance award  “Best Fundraising medtech”

Many thanks to Biovison for the presence of many renowned scientists and top industrial decision-makers.

Looking forward to the next edition already!

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