EU’s biggest Biotech Fair, BIO-Europe 2015, is starting … NOW!

The European ecosystem of Biotech will be for the next three days in Munich, Germany. That’s where the BIO-Europe 2015 convention takes place. 

Yesterday, with Joachim and Will, we drove south from Berlin to Munich to be on-site for the start of the event. This morning, the alarm was set up early and we had to face the freezing weather of Munich. Once arrived, a nice breakfast was awaiting us.


Notice the difference between French and British

Now, we are pumped up for the rest of the day.

Here’s a first look at how the exhibition hall looks like:


Germany is very present, with Bayer in the center and Bavaria on the left

Also a very important area of BIO-Europe is the partnering booths, partnering being actually the main goal of the people here. In the area, you have small booths with a number, linked to a partnering system from the organizer which helps you get an appointment with great people. It was still early when I took the picture but you can see some people organizing their last appointment.


That was a first snapshot showing the entrance to the convention.

We will be covering this event extensively . You will have great breaking-news stories, exclusive interviews and summaries coming along this week.

As if you would have attend … almost 😉

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