This week, we’re visiting Warsaw, a historical city in the heart of Europe. Biotech has been making its way onto its streets in the past years, and among them is NanoVelos, a company with a unique technology to improve the activity and safety of generic medicines for cancer. 

NanoVelos super generics warsaw

Mission: NanoVelos has developed dextran nanoparticles that serve as drug carriers and release the drug only within cancer cells. Its aim is to use the technology to transform generic drugs into super-generics with improved tumor targeting, which enhances the efficacy of the drug while reducing unwanted side effects.

nanovelos super generics technology

Comment: Once the patent of a drug expires, generics can bring the price significantly down. Drug prices are rising at an alarming rate, necessitating efforts to make medicine affordable. NanoVelos is therefore focused on giving a new life to affordable medication without the need of developing a new drug from zero, with the massive costs it incurs.

Image from RAndrei /Shutterstock, Labiotech Map, NanoVelos

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