It’s been four months since we put together the most Refreshing biotech conference in Europe. We got over a 150 attendees and they recommend it at 100%. We are now working on the next Labiotech Refresh, but first, let’s have a look on what happened backstage!

We’re feeling a bit sentimental about our first conference in Berlin and we want show you that successful events are not made out of thin air. With determination, enthusiasm and a strong team of people working together, we were able to bring you the best and most different experience possible within the Biotech conference circuit.

Below you can have an overview of the behind the scenes.


Jerome (on the left) was the Stage Manager for the day and was also in charge of the voting for the Startup Battle. Dani and me (on the right) were constantly refreshing our social media channels to bring you the most updated information throughout the day!

food breakfast refresh

We had a wonderful breakfast in the morning, followed by a delicious Curry wurst. However, best is always last…. Spanish paella for dinner!


It was quite a task to carry all those drinks back to the venue but in the end it was all worth it. On the right, you can see Joachim (and Will’s arm) dealing with the fruit shopping.


Matthieu, Alessandro and Gaëlle (on the left) were in charge of the cloakroom, while Arnaud and Nico (on the right) covered the catering section


We wanted to be able to create a space where our attendees could interact, exchange knowledge or just have a casual chat. It was also very clear that Labiotech Refresh had a ‘no suit and tie’ policy!


None of this would be possible without our mighty Event Manager Nuria and the extra help we got from Will. On the right, Bettina and Denise were in charge of the front desk.

We’re currently working hard for the second edition of Labiotech Refresh on the 24th of November in Paris.

New speakers are joining us almost every day, a proper and exciting program is being built and we’ve already got a venue…. but we won’t tell you where just yet.

         Here you can see me clearly having a wonderful time at my first Biotech conference.

Excited? Guarantee your place soon because our summer bird ticket is flying away soon.

Make sure you catch’em all here!

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