10 Interesting European Biotech Events in 2016 you should Bookmark

Events are the best places for networking and meeting new fellows. Here is a list of great events to give you a 360 degrees tour on what’s-going-on inside the biotech industry in 2016.


Biotech and Money

What: Biotech and Money is a two-day congress providing the education, strategies and solutions life science companies need to enable more effective funding, investment, business planning and partnering within their business.

When: February 2nd-3rd

Where: London, UK

An extra point: The event is combined with HealthEx CEO / CFO Forum, a closed door peer-to-peer executive forum for listed life science and healthcare companies.



What: BioWales is the flagship event for the life sciences sector in Wales, and one of the UK’s leading life science conferences. The theme of this year’s event is Connect and Collaborate, reflecting the unique platform that the conference provides for attendees to develop international connections and partnering opportunities.

When: March 1st-2nd

Where:  Wales, UK

New for 2016: Micro SME Rate and Innovation Zone, supporting up-coming SMEs to showcase their products and get ‘Access-to-Expert’ advice.


BIO-Europe Spring

What: BIO-Europe Spring is one of the two BIO-Europe events taking place during the year. Although a bit smaller than the November event, it still gathers several thousands high-level visitors from biotech, pharma and finance for three days of high caliber networking. 

When: April 4th-6th

Where: Stockholm, Sweden

Last but not least: BIO-Europe Spring is the perfect place for partnering. The (good) software platform makes it frankly easy to meet a lot of new business partners.


Labiotech Refresh

What: Labiotech Refresh is Europe’s most refreshing Biotech conference where to get a deep insight in tomorrow’s Biotech trends in a dynamic and modern way, and meet with 150 of Europe’s Biotech leaders, innovators and enthusiasts.

When: May 24th

Where: Berlin, Germany

A cherry on the top: If you are coming on May 24th to Berlin to attend Labiotech Refresh, you could stay one more day to visit Bionnale on the 25th, the largest networking event for life sciences and healthcare industries in the German capital region. Bionnale is free of charge.


Bio-International Convention

Note: As you may noticed, this event is not happening in Europe, but it is the biggest worldwide Biotech convention and it might be interesting for European Biotech companies as well!

What: Bio-International Convention is the world’s largest gathering of the biotechnology industry, along with industry-leading investor and partnering meetings held around the world.

When: June 6th-9th

Where:  San Francisco, California

Why: You’ll experience powerful business partnering, benefit from invaluable education sessions and have the chance to network with 15,000 of the industry’s best and brightest. In addition, this is definitely, a good excuse to visit California.



What: Biospain is the largest biotech event held in Spain and is organised by ASEBIO.

When: September 28th-30th

Where: Bilbao, Spain

Making the difference: Biospain is one of the biggest event in Europe by the number of one-to-one meetings (+3.300) and companies participating (+850).


CPhi worldwide

What: CPhi worldwide is one of the largest Pharma conference in Europe that enables attendees to find and connect with specific companies tailored to their business needs. It provides the initial platform to spark innovations, bringing pharma suppliers together to meet and develop new dynamic approaches to industry challenges.

When: October 4th-6th

Where: Barcelona, Spain

Good reviews: The pharmaceutical ingredients, outsourcing, packaging and machinery sectors continue to grow apace and CPhI attendees are hugely positive about industry and new business prospects. This event is very Pharma-focused but could also be a good opportunity for later stage Biotechs.



What: BIO-Europe is Europe’s largest partnering conference serving the global biotechnology industry. It’s the place to be to find new business partners.

When: November 7th-9th

Where: Cologne, Germany

Higlighting the “get together”: the conference annually attracts leading dealmakers from biotech, pharma and finance along with the most exciting emerging companies.



What: Genesis is London’s premier Life Science & Healthcare conference, taking Bio-Innovation to a Global Market.

When: December 1st

Where: London, UK

What to expect: Genesis 2016 is a great place to meet with the UK Biotech ecosystem and hear the last updates.

Many more events are taking place along 2016, so we invite you to have a look at our events’ calendar to find out more about them.

Overall, 2016 seems like a rich conference year for Europe and there are even new and fresh conference like Labiotech Refresh 😉

Which one will you visit?

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