Awesome Speakers: De Cremoux, Duportet and Paracchi will be at Refresh

As things are heating up regarding Labiotech Refresh, Europe’s most refreshing Biotech conference, we thought we’d showcase a few of our awesome speakers that will be there for the event. Click here for a full list of speakers.

Pierluigi Paracchi


 Founder, Chairman, and CEO at Genenta

Background: Paracchi has been board director of multiple, successful biopharma companies and been a part of one of the largest VC firms in Europe, Sofinnova Partners.

Why should you want to see him? He will be part of the gene therapy panel talk and will go into detail of what Genenta (one of Italy’s most promising biotechs) and the research community are doing to treat those with rare genetic diseases.

Xavier Duportet


CEO at Eligo Bioscience

Background: Duportet completed his PhD at MIT and INRIA, founded a couple of great projects and named MIT Technology Review, was awarded French innovator of the year (under 35) – and all before his 28th Birthday!

Why should you want to see him? He will be pitching Eligo Bioscience, at the forefront of microbiome engineering with CRISPR, along with 4 other promising biotechs to our startup panel, watch them battle it out on stage to be crowned the winner!

Isabelle de Cremoux


CEO at Seventure Partners

Background: De Cremoux has been part of Seventure (one of the leading European Biotech VCs) for almost 15 years and has launched the world’s first microbiome fund, with €160M under management!

Why should you want to see her? She is one of the leading microbiome industry experts in the world and will be doing a fireside chat on one of the most hyped fields in biotech at the moment. Definitely not one to miss!

These are only three of the 20+ speakers we will have at the event. Many things define a great conference but the right speakers are extremely important. That’s why we carefully picked all of them with high criteria. To be honest, we just asked each other, which speakers would we personally travel through Europe to see? At least these 3 😉

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