This Iconic Parisian Venue will be the home of Labiotech Refresh

We couldn’t be more excited to (finally) unveil that Labiotech Refresh – Paris, on the 24th of November, is going to happen under the roof of an iconic and historic Parisian venue: the concert hall of the Moulin Rouge. 


For the second edition of the most refreshing Biotech conference in Europe, we wanted an even more refreshing and unconventional venue. And to be honest, it never crossed our minds at all until the opportunity appeared.

The Moulin Rouge is home to the worldwide famous cancan dancers and is located in the heart of the Parisian bourgeoisie epicenter: Montmartre. Sitting next to it is the Machine du Moulin Rouge, which is an amazing 3-floor venue that is used for conferences, concerts, and night parties. We rented the whole venue for the day (and of course the night) and even rented the rooftop for exciting meetings (more surprises to come soon on that!).

We still can’t believe Refresh will happen there and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

machine moulin rouge venue refresh

On the left: the main entrance to La Machine du Moulin Rouge. On the right, you see the direct staircase to the terrace. Don’t you just love le fin de siècle? 

So on November 24th, you can find La Machine Du Moulin Rouge on 90 Boulevard de Clichy, right outside of the Metro station Blanche on Line 2! You can get there within less than an hour from Paris’ both airports (Roissy and Orly).

If you want to see in more detail the beautiful sights on the Moulin Rouge, you can do it here. Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to show it to you directly…

We also don’t want you to get lost, so you can check the map below…

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