Can the Program of Refresh get any Better? It can, go Have a Look!

Greetings to you biotech enthusiasts,

I know, after the line-up of speakers we gathered at our last Refresh event in Paris, one might think that it can’t get any better … it can! It was hard work, but we have confirmed some of the world’s best speakers for the 2017 Edition (now annual only) of Refresh on June 8th. Judge by yourself:


This is just a small excerpt from our total line-up of speakers!

Expect all the ‘classics’ that make Labiotech Refresh such an awesome event, here are some of the highlights :

  • Keynotes: “How far has Biotech come?” (David Berry, Flagship Pioneering) & “The next big thing in Biotech” (Antoine Papiernik, Sofinnova Partners)
  • Fireside chats: “NASH, the hidden gem” & “Microbiome as a breakthrough therapy”
  • Panels: “How long before a cancer cure?” & “How to turn failures into Biotech success?”
  • 2 (TWO!) startup battles (just because our attendees like them so much)
  • A dedicated area to network  (and no white boxes like at other partnering events, promise)

And a new feature:

Along the main track of the event there will be several expert workshops on special topics, including “How to raise money from the European Commission.”

Check out the full program now

Cover image by Everything/Shutterstock

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