Game on! Find out who will be slaying at Refresh’s Startup Battle next month!

At Labiotech Refresh in Berlin, we hosted our very first Startup Battle, in which each selected Startup presented their company concept, products, and mission to a panel of judges. The arena heated up as they had to defend their business models and decisions from questions. Needless to say, it was intense and left us on the edge of our seats.

We kicked off last May with an amazing and ambitious group of startups. Now, we’re introducing to you our second edition of this (soon to be) legendary Startup Battle with the best selection of Biotech startups we’ve ever had! Place your bets, and let’s see who carries out the legacy of our first winner, Edward Perello, Founder and CBO of Desktop Genetics!

Special thanks to Merck for sponsoring our Startup Battle!


Meet our competitors!


Hans Genee from Biosyntia

From: Hørsholm, Denmark

 This Danish startup dedicated its whole effort to acceleration of high-throughput screening technology. Biosyntia offers catalysis solutions for diverse fermentation processes and thereby contributes to a more environmental-friendly chemical production.

Xavier Duportet from Eligo Bioscience

From: Paris, France

Scientists from the Rockefeller University and MIT founded this company in 2014 to develop sequence-specific antimicrobials (so-called “eligobiotics“) with precision editing to combat antibiotic resistances. Can Paris-based Eligo Bioscience make use of its home advantage?


James McIlroy from EuroBiotix CIC

From: Aberdeen, UK

This CIC climbed out of Scotland to become one of the leaders in its field! EuroBiotix aims to facilitate the access of clinicians to Fecal Microbial Transplants (FMT) by centralizing donor recruitment, transplant processing, and distribution. FMT deserves recognition as a promising and efficient treatment for patients suffering from clostridium difficile.

Amadís Pagès from Moirai Biodesign

From: Barcelona, Spain

The “plug and play“ RNA devices by this Spanish company offer a smart approach to creating a non-invasive cancer test. At the forefront of modern diagnostics, Moirai Biodesign is paving the way for more personalized medicine.

questionmark Merck Grant Program Winner

From: To be announced

This startup is yet to be announced! We’re pleased to tell you that it will be the winner of a grant program for emerging Biotechs sponsored by Merck. By the end of this month, we will know who will pitch on stage and complete ‘the final five’!

Who’s gonna decide your fate? Meet our judges, comprising from Biotech and VC experts:


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