At Labiotech, our primary goal is to change how people are informed about European biotech. In tandem with this motivation, we also want to change the way companies promote their products online by implementing native advertising. RightsDirect is one of the companies who trusted our method and its power: here are the satisfying results!

RightsDirect provides licensing solutions to make copyright compliance easy by allowing companies to store, re-use and share the most relevant digital content across borders. The company developed a text mining solution, ‘XML for Mining’, and tasked us with raising awareness of it. How did we do it? Two words: native advertising!

RightsDirect Text Mining Case study

Looking for Long-Term Results

Knowing that the concept of text mining can be difficult to grasp for digital nonnatives, we published a series of articles to educate our readers. In addition to serving as a product advertisement, these educational articles were designed to answer some basic questions: What is text-mining? How does it work? and which solutions are offered by RightsDirect? 


The first article published and promoted on our homepage, with a banner for a webinar

Not only a good way to give more information and really dig deep into a complex topic, a collection of articles raise awareness on a longer timescale than a single post. After the first article piques readers’ curiosity, the second and third publications make them more comfortable with the subject and establish a place for it in their minds. To complement this strategy, we promoted the sponsored articles and decorated our website with RightsDirect banners to direct our readers to the company’s webinars and white pages.

So how did it turn out? Our strategy brought amazing results, with 1,360 people reading the first post and over 2,000 views in total for the 3 articles.  And these numbers only get bigger, since the articles are permanently on the website!

RightsDirect case study stat

Traffic on the first post on text mining. Each following post was bringing more traffic on the first one.

Overall, this strategy of native advertising has 3 powerful benefits over the long term:

  1. It captures more attention: native advertising generally offers higher viewing rates, a larger number of conversions, and more engagement than almost any display advertisement.
  2. It builds relevance: the more a company engages with an audience using their own language and their own tools, the more it will be able to develop a relationship with the target audience.
  3. It empowers customers: customers appreciate valuable content from brands that seems to want to provide assistance, rather than simply make money.

A Special Approach

When he first contacted us, the Senior Marketing Manager at RightsDirect, Joost Kollöffel, was looking to boost his company’s advertising campaign. Attracted to our affable, approachable demeanor, he explained, “ is a topic-focused media portal with a European focus, with good content, nice design, good writing and a young audience – of course I wanted to do a campaign with you!”

joost Kolloffel RightsDirect

Joost Kollöffel Senior Marketing Manager at RightsDirect

Joost’s vision was to deliver information that resonates with our readers, not to just pass on a list of product features. We applied our trademark breezy writing style to communicate his product’s professional capabilities, and within a few months, there were significant positive results for not only RightsDirect but us as well! We are already discussing new campaigns for the future.

Sponsored posts are more than just ads: they are original articles that bring relevant information to a targeted audience. As our campaign with RightsDirect has shown, having a long-term strategy with this kind of advertising can be fruitful!

 Featured Image Credit: Tetiana Yurchenko/