Meet Su, Ciaran and Laura, who joined us this month! ✌️


Hi there,

I told you we were going to grow rapidly in 2017! January has been busy on the team side, as we welcomed three new people, Su, Ciaran, and Laura, as event manager, web developer, and office manager, respectively. Here’s a bit of background on each of them:

  • Su Song is a passionate digital nomad, artist manager and marketing consultant. After working for Vertical Media for 5 years, she has gained insights into the German startup scene and found her joy in connecting like minded people and supporting brands in their digital strategy. She has organized three editions of HEUREKA, the leading startup conference in Germany. She will help us create a memorable Refresh conference in Berlin in June.
  • Ciarán Gaffey is a freelance web developer with a UI-driven focus and a user-centered approach. He’s from rural Ireland and has been living in Berlin for the last 6 years. It’s here that he has cultivated his passion for web design and the arts, a passion which is evident in his work.
  • Laura Pedretti was born in the US, lived in California for a while and is now based in Berlin. She has experience in helping startups organize their office and support them in their rapid growth. That’s what she will do with us as we expand as a team and as a company.

It’s a great pleasure to have them with us, and I’m looking forward achieving great things together!


P.S. If you feel like working for an exciting digital media startup in Berlin, feel free to check out of join us page 😉

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