Top 10 Biotech Gifts You NEED to Consider this Christmas!

Looking for an alternative gift this Christmas? We know how helpful (and fun) these kind of lists can be (to make, too) – so here’s our selection of ideas we put together in the Office!

1. Dinosaurs – They’re Alive!


This bioluminescent Dino Pet uses sunlight, water, and nutrients for its magical bright blue glow. An ancient animal that lights up your Christmas in a new way!

The Box kit comes with the Dino Pet micro aquarium, ‘dino food’ and the dinoflagellates which come alive in the water and grow to bioluminesce! Truly stunning. We want one at the office (hint hint).


You can order the Dino Pet through BioPop.

2. Learn your Chromosomes at Home!


Comfortable Chromosome Pillows for him and her! Guaranteed, you won’t get the X and Y’s mixed up again. Handmade in Somerset, New Jersey using a Screen-printing design by Rebecca Rodriguez.

These XY & XX Accents pillows are available exclusively through Uncommon Goods here.

3. Good Read – Designing for Emerging Technologies


Are you still looking for the perfect book to offer?

In this collection of inspiring essays, designers, engineers, and researchers discuss their approaches to experience design for ground breaking technologies from robot swarms to skin-top embeddable computers and bio printable organs.

Order this book by Jonathan Follett on Amazon here.

4. Do-it-Yourself Micro Brewery Kit


Make pints of your own beer at home. This fun, attractive and easy-to-use Micro Brewery Kit is the perfect Christmas Gift for anyone who loves Science and a good Pint of Beer…or even wine?

I mean, brewing alcohol with certain yeast strains is possibly the most ancient form of Biotech known to man (without getting over technical about it… 😉 ) and this kit started as a Kickstarter project.

Get the hand-made Box Brew Kit.

5. Tired of laundry? Here’s the solution!


This hydrophobic Silic T-Shirt will make your life easier…

The T-Shirt material emulates the natural hydrophobic properties of the lotus leaf, and the patented nanotech applied to their design enhances the fabric’s resistance to water and stains. All without affecting the natural breathability of the cotton!

You can order them through Silic Shirts.

6. Brain Freeze from Frozen Brains!


Upgrade your drink with these brain-formed ice cubes! The silicone ice molds are easy to use and will most certainly put a smile on everyone’s faces.

They’re also super cheap, from only €3.29 on Etsy (here).

7. This Fire will make Santa choose YOUR chimney!


Transform your fire into colourful flames by simply adding this magical touch to the fire. 3 packs will provide you with 1 to 2 hours of ‘Mystical Fire’.

The flames turn from red to blue to green to violet and can provide hours of entertainment for everyone this Christmas..

Find out more about Mystical Fire here.

8. How about Wearing your Genes round your finger?


Surprise your loved ones with their very personal DNA ring! Available in Yellow, Rose or White 14K Gold filled, with 925 Sterling Silver. They are also 3D printed, which is always cool..

Made in Istanbul, Turkey they are also available through Etsy here.

9. I raise my Erlenmeyer Flask...


Have you ever had your drink in an Erlenmeyer flask (also known as a ‘Conical Flask’)? We have in Berlin. So if you can’t try it out here in Germany, you can instead try your hand at Science themed Mixology at home.

Available on Uncommon Goods here.

10. And Finally, We don’t need to force you guys to buy this…


To all the Star Wars Fans out there! Perhaps not so Biotech-related but certainly relevant – yes, it’s finally December (and yes, it’s the premiere this week aaaaaaaaah!).

So let the Force of Coffee awaken you at work for Friday night, with this pun-tastic New Mug. Yep, we went there.

Available by PerkMeUp on Etsy here.

Ta-da! And Happy Holidays to all our readers!

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