Interview: GeNeuro’s CFO explains its Unique Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Miguel Payro GeNeuro

GeNeuro is developing a unique treatment for multiple sclerosis. We interviewed Miguel Payro, the company’s CFO, who explained its advantageous position against big pharma.

GeNeuro raised €33M in its Euronext IPO in April and is currently competing against giants like Novartis and Biogen. Despite 2016’s dubious honor as “the worst year for IPO in 20 years”, this Switzerland-based company has managed to go public and initiate Phase IIb trials with successful recruitment.

Efficient treatments for multiple sclerosis are a huge unmet need since there are no currently available therapies that can stop the progression of the disease. Although Novartis is currently ahead with positive results from Phase III trials, GeNeuro is confident about the advantages of its unique technology.

Listen to Miguel Payro explain it himself! 

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