Print Media are having a hard time since the explosion of digital content and Biotech Media are having the same problem. As a representative of Biotech Digital Media, we believe that the future of our field is online. Here’s some explanation on why we think so!

The first thing to look at is how the content consumption has evolved over the past few years. As shown on the figure below, Print share in the Media industry (also including TV and Radio) has never been so low. On the other hand, thanks to the establishment of the internet and mobile devices, Digital Media are becoming the new reference for news and content.

Media consumption Biotech

The rise of online content is not only due to the emergence of the internet, it’s also linked to features of the online content, which is by nature different from printed content.

Just think about this:

  • online content can be shared easily and viewed by thousands of people in a few minutes,
  • with search engines, the online content can also be easily found, even years after publication,
  • online articles are mainly free, making it accessible for everybody!

Another factor triggering the rise of online content was the introduction of smartphones. 43% of smartphone owners read news at least once a day on their device! That also explains why the time spent on Digital Media is exploding in recentt years (see figure below) and especially on mobile.

Time on media Biotech

As we have seen, the behavior of users has changed over a decade, profiting to the supremacy of online content. On the other side, publishers have also had to adapt quickly to the digital era. Advertisers quickly recognized the value of digital marketing, moving their budget piece by piece from printed magazines to online websites (see figure below).

Digital Media has also changed the way of advertising. Display marketing is gradually being abandoned for the profit of Native Advertising, a more subtle and integrated way to give visibility to a brand (see our previous article on Native Advertising in Biotech for more details).

Ad Spending Media Biotech

At, digital truly flows through our veins. We first launched this website to change the way people get informed about Biotech.

For us, biotech media were still mainly paper-based and often with a high subscription rate. Paper magazines were also showing some limits in terms of how they delivered the news. Monthly publications for example are not up-to-date in a fast-moving industry like Biotech.

Creating our own Digital Media was our answer! And today, the 50,000 people visiting our website each month are proving that we were not alone in feeling like this!


Understanding your needs is also something really important for us. Last summer, we launched an App on android and iOS devices to be closer with you and deliver our content in the most efficient way. Now, almost a 1000 of you have downloaded it and the number of page-views is increasing everyday on our App.

Our example shows you that Biotech is also following the trends of the whole media industry: it’s time to go Digital!

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