This SynBio Start-up is Redefining the Rules of Evolution

Biosyntia wants to reduce time and expenses in vitamin production by engineering microorganisms. Watch Hans Genee pitch his company at Labiotech Refresh!

Many chemicals are currently produced using chemical synthesis. Hans Genee wants to be a “driver of the transition towards biobased products“. His strategy is to “redefine evolution rules to reduce cost and time” in the production process.

Based in Copenhagen, Biosyntia aims to “reprogram microorganisms to survive only if they produce the product” by connecting biosensors to key survival pathways in the cells. This way, only the organisms that are useful for production are selected in an artificial selection process.

The company focuses on the production of vitamins: “200k tons of vitamins are produced every year. This is a sizable market of $2.5B“. However, most of them are still produced chemically. Biosyntia claims to be able to produce vitamin B1 10 times faster and at a lower cost than the current standard.

Watch Hans’ pitch to find out all the details on this cool technology. 

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