Finnish AI Biotech Raises €14M to Open the Bottleneck of Next-Generation Sequencing

Blueprint Genetics has raised €14M to boost its genetic diagnostics platform, using artificial intelligence to interpret next-generation sequencing data.

Based in Helsinki, Finland, Blueprint Genetics is a startup that addresses the main bottleneck of genetic testing through next-generation sequencing (NGS), the interpretation of massive volumes of data, with the aid of artificial intelligence (AI). Its diagnostics panels cover over 2,200 disorders in 14 medical areas that include cardiology, neurology and immunology.

With a target market of 350 million people affected by severe inherited diseases, expected to grow to double-digit billions in coming years, the company has convinced new and existing investors to raise a €14M round to boost sales and improve the efficiency of its platform. The round was led by Creathor Venture and Medtech Innovation Partners, both new to the company.

Image via Jackie Niam / Shutterstock

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