New Public-Private French Collaboration will Develop CAR-Tregs

TxCell has partnered with Inserm and the Nantes University to develop a new class of CAR-Tregs to overcome transplant rejection and treat multiple sclerosis

TxCell is a French biotech developing CAR-Treg, a unique version of the promising CAR-T therapy that expands the technology’s applications beyond immuno-oncology. The company has now partnered with the Center for Research in Transplantation and Immunology (CRTI), which is affiliated with both the French public research organization Inserm and the Nantes University.

The aim of the collaboration, of which no financial details have been disclosed, is to develop a new type of CAR-Tregs that TxCell recently in-licensed from Inserm Transfert. These new Treg cells present the CD8 antigen of cytotoxic T cells instead of the CD4 antigen of helper T cells, with which TxCell had been working until now. The goal is to use this cells to treat transplant rejection and treat inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, specifically multiple sclerosis.

After a recent capital increase in which the French government took part through Bpi France, the company is now getting really close to first the CAR-Treg technology in humans for the first time.

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