Swiss Biotech Boom: Life sciences startups dominate top 100 awards

Exciting news for the Swiss biotech frontline! The TOP 100 Start-Up award is hosted by the Swiss start-up platform (through IFJ Institut für Jungunternehmen) in collaboration with the major paper Handelszeitung and PME Magazine, ranking the 100 most promising new start up companies. Of these 100, a whopping 68 of these start-ups are in the life sciences sector.

Here we look at 3 of the Top-10 winners which are Swiss biotechs we found to be most interesting:

(Source Lunophore)

The Abionic Team at the Start-up Awards (Courtesy of IFJ)



N°2  Abionic SA from Lausanne is a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). They have developed a nanotechnology based diagnostic tool for medical practitioners which provides patients with a personalised allergy profile.

Source: Abionic

Source: Abionic

Sophia-GeneticsN°5 Sophia Genetics is a medical bioinformatics software which is designed to advice medical clinicians in genetic diagnostics using a bank of patient DNA sequences. Using a series of software modules as a data sharing and storage platform, Sophia Genetics is already implemented into 50+  hospitals and labs across the EU.

Source: Sophia Genetics

Source: Sophia Genetics

Unbenannt631N°10 is Lunaphore who have produced a immunohistochemical technique using its fast fluidic exchange technology, which reduces tumor analysis time down to 5 minutes compared to 2-8  hours of existing tests. Lunaphore also claims their technique reduces lab overall costs of assays from 50-70%.


Switzerland is already famous for its Biotech industry (Roche, Novartis to name a few). These Biotech startups look to carry the torch as a new generation of Biotech excellence.

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