Immuno-oncology represents a huge breakthrough towards the search for a cancer cure. Biotechs all around Europe are developing innovative ways of helping our own immune system fight tumors, which one do you think is doing it best?

The field of immuno-oncology is overcrowded, and there’s plenty of companies pushing to make their cutting-edge technology a reality. We selected 7 European companies that are making great efforts to fight cancer. AdaptimmuneImmunocore, and Medigene are doing so by leveraging TCRs, while Genmab and Morphosys bid on the potential of antibodies. For their part, Cellectis and Celyad are focusing on making better versions of the promising CAR-T technology.

Which one do you think has more potential? Maybe you know of another that could outperform all of them? Leave it in the comments below!

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